Intro:  Jasper Laser Craft (JLC) provides 3D signs and custom-made crafts for local customers in Omura.  Our carbon dioxide laser can perform precise cuts and engravings on a wide variety of media.  The laser is able to cut wood, acrylic, paper, cardboard, PET, urethane, styrene, EVA, PP, leather and any type of fabric.  It can also engrave on all of these materials, as well as stone, glass, tile and ceramics.  The only media it cannot cut or engrave on is metal.  In the past five years, I have made many large indoor and outdoor signs for local businesses.  I have also created many custom-made crafts including clocks, bird houses, nameplates, memorial plaques, lampshades, business cards and greeting cards.  I specialize in 3D crafts, but I also engrave smart phones, computers, chopsticks, and plates.  Unlike traditional engravings, I can engrave from photographs or downloaded images.  My laser allows me to create unique crafts quickly, accurately and inexpensively.  The cost of a laser-made product depends on three important factors:  the media that I use; the size of the finished product; and the complexity of the design involved.

Workshop Location:  595-5 Ogawachi, Omura, Nagasaki, 856-0043

Contact:  54-0773 (Telephone)

Photo #1:  Our Large & Precise Laser

Photo #2:  A Selection of our Laser Craft

Photo #3:  One of our Laser-Cut 3D Signs

Photo #4:  Laser-Cut Acrylic