Intro:  Jasper English Text (JET) provides accurate English proofreading and translations (from Japanese to English) for researchers and professionals who need to publish their technical work in English.  I charge by the word for English proofreading:  7 - 10 yen/word, depending on the technical level of the text.  I charge by the kanji for Japanese > English translations:  7 - 10 yen/kanji, depending on the technical level of the Japanese text.  All fees include required taxes.  I have 22 years of experience doing this work and I have helped to get more than 300 technical papers published in English.  Most of my work has been with medical papers, but I have also worked on many scientific and engineering papers.  I only require three days to finish each job and I guarantee that my work is free of grammatical, contextual, spelling and technical errors.  If you want me to work on your research paper/document, send me an email with your text file.  I provide prompt and detailed after-service for every document that I work on.  I have two years of biomedical research experience (endocrinology, oncology) and I have lived in Japan for more than 28 years.

Translating/Proofreading Location:  595-5 Ogawachi, Omura, Nagasaki, 856-0043

Contact:  54-0773 (Telephone)

Photo #1:  Translating & Translating Workstation

Photo #2:  Dictionaries & Previous Publications

Photo #3:  English Text Introduction & Text Fees

Photo #4:  English Text Samples